Paraguard Sediment Cartridges

The ParaGuard Series uses the latest in nanofiber technology to achieve some of the highest filtration characteristics within the industry. Using a patented filter media design, ParaGuard offers exceptionally high flow rates, efficiency, and dirt holding capacity. In addition, this media has been shown to reduce virus, bacteria, cysts, volatile organic compounds (VOC’s), disinfection byproducts (DPB’s), endotoxin, natural organic matter, and other sub‐micron particles.

ParaGuard is also available in a powdered activated carbon (PAC) version for chlorine reduction. This design has the advantage of not using glues and adhesives found in GAC filters thereby helping to prevent channeling and improve water flow.


  • High flow rates, filtration efficiency, and 20% higher dirt holding capacity than conventional media
  • Reduces virus, bacteria, cysts, endotoxin, and other sub-micron particles
  • Reduces turbidity to meet EPA mandated levels of <1 NTU
  • PAC media version for chorine reduction
  • Single or double pleat design options
  • DOE or common end‐cap options


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  • Filter Material:    Disruptor®
  • Core Material:    Polypropylene
  • End Cap Material:    Plastisol
  • Temperature Rating:    39 - 190°F (4 - 88°C)
  • pH Range: 5.5 to 9.0
  • Turbidity Reduction: <0.01 NTU
  • Filtration Efficiency: >95%
  • Chlorine Reduction: 7000 gal (PAC versions only)*


  • RO pre‐filtration, polishing, process water, iron removal
  • Agricultural, Pharmaceutical, Bottling, Industrial, Wastewater
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