Pleated Sediment Cartridges

The SC Series of Pleated sediment cartridges is manufactured from a synthetic polyester fabric pleated around a durable polypropylene core and immersed in a thermosetting vinyl plastisol. This design ensures that all major components are fused together to provide a long useful life. The SC Series provides superior resistance to both bacterial and chemical attack and reduces cartridge replacement time intervals.


  • Manufactured with a special non-cellulose fabric providing superior resistance to bacterial and chemical attack
  • Designed with high surface area for maximum dirt-holding capacity
  • Available in standard 2.5" and 4.5" diameters


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  • Filter Material: PET
  • Core Material: Polypropylene
  • >End Cap Material: Plasticsol
  • Temperature Rating: 40◦F - 180◦F (4.4◦C – 82.2◦C)
  • Initial Pressure Drop: <1psi typical
  • Flow Rate: 8gpm typical

Applications: General Water Filtration

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