Vegetable Sprays

Drinking filtered water that is clean, clear and good for you is a priority, so you should also make sure you are cleaning your food with the same high quality water. This is where a vegetable sprayer water filtration system comes in handy. When you pull at that sprayer on your sink to hose down some fresh veggies or ripe fruit, make sure it is using filtered water and nothing else. If your water system does not include a filter for the sprayer, you need a little something extra to keep that water safe as well.

You can find vegetable sprayer water filters that attach right to the sink or the hose. You can also upgrade your entire filtration system to include the water that is fed to the vegetable sprayer. It makes no sense to clean your fruits and vegetables with water that is contaminated with chlorine, carbon, rust, lead and other sediment. Use a vegetable sprayer water filtration system for comprehensively clean water from your faucet as well as your sprayer.

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