Exterior drawing of China facility
Whether you are looking for ODM or OEM manufacturing for your business, Paragon Water is the right choice. Through industry leading experience and millions of products in circulation, Paragon’s ODM/OEM capabilities have made us the first choice for the world’s largest brands.

From research and development to complete design, testing, manufacturing, packaging, and delivery, Paragon Water is with you every step of the way. With a complete staff of engineers, project managers, and quality control specialists, you can be assured of not only quality products at competitive pricing, but also an excellent customer experience from start to finish.


  • Six Sigma process controls
  • ISO9001, NSF, WQA , MOH (China) Certified
  • CT-PAT compliant with 24/7 security
  • Moderate-level clean room
  • Injection molding, blow molding, welding, and assembly
  • Sediment filtration production
Inside china facility


Paragon Water’s wholly owned, state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in China features:
  • On-site engineering, quality, manufacturing, operations, and purchasing teams
  • 200,000-square foot facility opened in 2015
  • 8,000-square foot R&D and QC lab


In order to achieve your goals, Paragon Water has the following capabilities:
  • Dedicated global R&D Team

  • Internationally experienced team consisting of engineers and designers
  • Overall project management is done by the core team in Tampa

  • Team utilizes the latest CAD/CAM technologies available in the industry

  • Regulatory requirements are built into the initial stages of the project

  • During Design & Development, advanced methods such as PPAP, FMEA, and SPC are utilized for all projects

  • PLM (product lifecycle management) system



  • Design & development expertise providing customized proprietary products
  • Highly skilled engineering and operations personnel
  • Ability to translate customer design requirements into unique and effective product design
  • Custom tooling designed to support efficient manufacturing and high quality production


  • Customers have direct communication with key decision makers and engineering personnel
  • End-to-end customer support, including dedicated account management, regulatory compliance, and logistics support for customers in both the U.S. and Asia
  • Certification support streamlines costly and time-consuming regulatory processes to verify contaminant removal claims
  • Logistics and fulfillment management






  • R&D validation: extensive prototyping, testing, and modification
  • Proprietary technologies providing superior sediment and carbon block filtration
  • Regulatory compliance assurance
  • Patents on proprietary keys and fittings protect recurring revenue streams and patent duplication
  • Certifications by NSF, WQA, and Chinese Ministry of Health


  • Wholly-owned U.S. and Chinese manufacturing combines precision for more complex processes and low-cost production of commoditized components
  • Full-service offering reduces customer overhead and upfront costs
  • Customized product tooling
  • Flexibility to outsource to prequalified supplier network
  • Lean operations

OEM Certification

The residential drinking water treatment market is flooded with products making unsubstantiated performance claims. Choosing to offer your customers certified products and components helps you stand out in the marketplace and gives your customers assurance that the products and components you offer are safe and have performance backed by independent third party data. Certification bodies evaluate products for:
  • Material Safety to ensure the materials used in a product are safe and do not release harmful contaminants back into the drinking water.
  • Structural Integrity to ensure pressurized products and components do not leak and maintain integrity over the life of the product (pressure surges, water hammer events, etc.).
  • System Performance to ensure chemical and mechanical reduction performance claims are verified by test data.  
  • Product Literature/Packaging is reviewed to ensure claims and performance match test data and false or misleading claims are not made.
  • Manufacturing Facility Audit to ensure the products and components that are manufactured on a daily basis are made using the same quality process and materials as what was tested and certified.
Today’s consumers have a wealth of information at their fingertips and are becoming better educated about the contaminants that can put their families at risk if found in their drinking water. Paragon is here to help our customers achieve certification of products with claims for contaminants consumers are concerned about. Paragon holds robust certified product listings with NSF International, IAPMO, and the Water Quality Association (WQA), and we can assist our customers with private label certification, standard certification, or unique certification.

In addition, Paragon can also provide assistance in determining the regulatory requirements for selling products in the U.S., North America, Europe, Asia, and many other regions around the world. Our regulatory staff will also guide you through the requirements of online and big box retailers.

oem certifications

Not sure what certification works best for you or what’s needed to sell products around the world? Contact Paragon today so we can work through it together!