Water is the single most important component in the food service industry and has a dramatic effect on everything you eat and drink. Paragon can provide solutions from the small coffee shop to large scale restaurant facilities.

Market Trends

  • Hospitality & Lodging – Upscale coffee selections are “brewing” at more hotels – USA Today
  • Hospitality & Lodging – “Upping the Ante at Breakfast” Capturing Customers with Modern Touches and Tweaks – Hotel F&B
  • Restaurants – Consumers are cutting back on appetizers, deserts and high-priced beverages – Standard & Poor’s
  • Office water – “bottleless” water coolers
  • Grocery – have been paying attention to the trends and are doing things such as upgrading their delis and fresh take out sections, all the way to returning butchers to a place of prominence. – The Food Channel

Paragon's Value Promise to our Customers

Brand Status & Reputation

  • Design & development expertise
  • Customized/Patented connections by customer
  • Trusted Partner with proven track record

Reduces Customer Costs

  • Reduced cartridge and system pricing
  • Lower Maintenance cost
  • Ease of installation

Accessibility & Convenience

  • Direct dealing with key decision makers
  • Lean operation


  • High performance products
  • Reduced Customer Risks
  • All agency compliance listings
  • Liability coverage/Solid Insurance umbrella

Foodservice Hi-Flow Twist & Lock Filter Cartridges

5 Micron (µ) Carbon Block – Chlorine Taste & Odor (CTO)

  • 5µ CB – CTO + KDF
  • 5µ CB – CTO + Scale Reduction
  • 5µ CB – CTO + Chloramine Reduction

1 Micron (µ) Carbon Block – CTO, Lead, Cyst

  • 1µ CB – CTO + KDF
  • 1µ CB – CTO + Scale Reduction
  • 1µ CB – CTO + Chloramine Reduction

Resin Cartridges

  • Granulated Activated Carbon (GAC)
  • Scale Reduction Media
  • Chloramine Reduction Media
  • Softening Media

Specialty Cartridges

  • ParaGuard – Ahlstroms Disruptor Media – Nanofiber technology for Virus Bacteria and VOC removal