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Carbon Block Filter Manufacturer

Anyone will agree that if you want a better, longer, and healthier life, you need to have clean water for cleaning and consumption purposes. You then decide to install a water filter. Good! But as you try getting one, you are left perplexed at all the various types of water filters that are present! What you need now is a Carbon Block filter manufactured by a most reliable and experienced block filter manufacturer.

Why a Carbon Block Filter?

These filters have very efficient mechanisms to remove existing compounds and chemicals like chlorine, sediments, and pesticides in your water. With these effectively removed, you get better tasting and odor-less water that will have minimum impact on your health.

How does it work?

The highly porous structure of the carbon substrates works together to trap the various pollutants in your water. With multiple granules and pores, the overall surface area is maximized to allow for more efficient absorption. One gram of an activated gram of carbon can have a surface area of up to 3000m2!

What do Paragon Water Systems have to offer?

We have a range of products to offer that will meet your filter goals.

  • Classic CTO filter: With a polypropylene layer that leaves no room for clogging, you get chlorine reduced and odorless water
  • CTO plus: With exceptional pre and post reverse osmosis filtration, this filter also uses activated coconut fibers and polypropylene netting.
  • CY1 CYST Filter: With FDA Complaint materials incorporated, this filter tackles Giardia and Cryptosporidium, which are dangerous microbial cysts.
  • CYL1— Lead and Cyst: Sure to give you fresh and great tasting water, this filter removes cysts, Chlorine and turbidity more effectively than the average filter.
  • VOC FILTER: Used for small and large scale purposes, it is compatible with post and pre osmosis technology. 
  • Chloramine CLM Carbon Block Filter: Using a bed made of coconut shell between the layers of the filters, a radial flow is created that lowers the drop in pressure when using it
  • SD+ Carbon Block Filter: It has a wider range of contaminants being filtered; this is highly recommended for industries and commercial use.

Why choose us?

Paragon Water System is a US-based company that is NSF certified with reliable, cost-effective, and tested products. Our interactions and sales always leave satisfied and happy customers. 

Why do you ask? Here are the answers:

  • You get options! You can choose between our standard and custom carbon block filters. 
  • Coconut based technology: these filters are a better fit for filtration as they are less prone to contaminate the water 
  • Environmentally Friendly! With lesser production of inorganic ash, you don’t have to worry about leaving a negative impact on the environment.
  • Enhanced Performance: the microspores that have been integrated into the filters increase the surface area and while catching the tiniest contaminants such as volatile organic compounds.
  • Customized: Want to make a product meeting your personal needs? We’ve got you covered!

Clean water and a healthier lifestyle are just a tiny step away, so go get your Paragon Water Systems carbon block filter right now!
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