Carbon Block Water Filter

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Are you sure your tap water is all good and safe to use? Have you had it tested before? Due to the alarming increase in population and fast industrialization, current water-quality is being deteriorated world-wide. Consequently, people are compelled to use hazardous and unpurified water because of the scarcity of safe and healthy water assets.  But wait, to every problem, there is always a solution! A carbon block water filter can help you fight back against hazardous and contaminated water sources.


Carbon Block Water Filter


Water Filter

You’ve heard of using water filters; a home water filter helps to provide pristine water that is free of odors, chemicals, and other potentially toxic substances. Even though many of these filters seem identical, there are significant differences between the many types and brands. Which filter is the best for your home, and how will it solve your water issues?  This blog will give you detailed information about the best water filters. So, keep on reading and improve the quality of your water.

Carbon Block Water Filter 

A water filter is typically used to remove specific impurities from your water. Carbon block water filter is a more advanced water filtration process that uses activated carbon in conjunction with a semipermeable membrane. Carbon block water filters employ three processes to remove microbiological contaminants, including waterborne pathogens, and reduce pollutants like arsenic, asbestos, mercury, and radon.


American Carbon Block’s Classic CTO filter uses activated coconut shell carbon.


  • Reduces chlorine taste and odor
  • 5μ or 10μ organic solvent filtering available


The CTO Plus carbon block water filter is manufactured with activated coconut shell carbon for better water filtration abilities. It can operate as both a sediment and activated carbon block filter with the superior performance offered at a competitive price.


  • NSF-certified and FDA-compliant
  • High absorption capacity and efficiency


The CY1 carbon block filter goes above and beyond to deliver you cleaner water. Not only does it filter out chlorine taste and odor, but it also addresses microbial cysts.


  • 0.5μ nominal rating
  • Uses activated carbon for purer filtration

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