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Commercial Food Service Water FiltrationCommercial Food Service Water Filtration          

Have you ever considered the water you drink might not be as clean as it looks? Do you know unfiltered tap water has many pollutants ranging from microorganisms to harmful chemical agents? Commercial Food Service Water Filtration is the answer.

The tap water may also taste bad due to chlorine and its mineral content. These pollutants are hazardous for humans. Long-term use of unfiltered water can cause serious health issues. Some of these issues include.

  • Diarrhea.
  • Nausea.
  • Gastrointestinal Problems.
  • Metal poisoning.
  • Exposure to chromium-6 could cause cancer.
  • Lead can cause mental retardation.

The Solution

As science progresses, many new problem-solving scientific innovations are brought into the world. The most effective solution to get rid of contaminants in the water is by using a water filter. Water filter systems work on the principles of filtrations. Microorganisms and chemical ions such as chloride ions are removed from the water by the process of filtration. This not only removes the contaminants but also improves the taste and smell of water. A water filter system makes sure that the water is made drinkable.

Types of Water Filters

Activated Carbon

It is one of the most common household water filters. Uses the phenomena of water absorption to remove impurities. Uses activated carbon granules to remove heavy metal ions.

Reverse Osmosis

In Reverse Osmosis, water is forced through a membrane at high pressure, what actually happens is the water molecules pass through the membrane, but the contaminants are left behind. Water flows automatically due to osmotic pressure. 


Uses the boiling point of water to filter out the impurities. In this kind of filtration, water is boiled until it becomes steam. 

It is then distilled back into another container; since the boiling point of water is less than its impurities, the original container only contains impurities.

Ion Exchange

They use the process of ionization bonding to remove the ions in the water. Ion exchange filters are made up of zeolite beads containing sodium ions.

Water contains magnesium ions, and calcium ions are replaced with sodium ions because zeolite beads find them more attractive. Hence impurities are removed from the water.

Where To Buy Commercial Food Service Water Filtration From?

If you are concerned for your health and are looking for a premium water filter system, then you should try none other than Paragon Water, a company based in the US.

They have skilled and reliable manufacturers who make sure that their product is of top-notch quality.

Why Choose Paragon Water?

We have experience of more than 30 years matchless in providing quality, service, and effective product development. Our products are very economical. Our products use a very advanced technology which makes them very effective. We have a past filled with creating incredible quality items that will surpass your expectation. Since 1988 we have been serving people with first-class products. Our products are NSF certified, which makes us one of the most trusted companies in the world. We also have a very skilled user-friendly customer service which can solve almost any of your problems professionally.

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