Top Of The Line Commercial RO Systems Manufacturer

Top Of The Line Commercial RO Systems Manufacturer

Water is one of the most essential elements of a home as well as a business. Choosing poor quality water can be harmful for your health and for the health of your equipment. The best way to avoid harmful impurities in your water is a reverse osmosis filter. So now to find a top of the line commercial RO systems manufacturer.

Water is available to businesses in diverse forms, but the most desirable form is when it is pure and healthy for consumption. To achieve this, making use of some technology to purify water can be highly beneficial for health and for the health of equipment. The Ro system is one of the ways you can make water safe for all your needs.

At this point you may be wondering what “RO” stands for, it simply means Reverse Osmosis technology. This technology uses specified membranes, which distinguishes harmful sediment and chemicals from pure water and allows only the pure water to pass through.

A leading company that has embraced this technology is the Paragon water system. Over the years they have been constant in using the RO filtration technology to provide pure water to businesses across the Tampa area. This company was established in 1988 in Florida. It has expanded its operations from the United States of America to China. The company has since its birth is constantly researching ways to make the available water safe and pure.

This company has a variety of products that are available to the Public.

1. Custom and Standard Carbon Block Water Filter- This is one of the most embraced methods of water purification by the company.  The carbon when immersed in water has the potential to improve the taste, and eliminate odour and contaminant from the water.

2.  Carbon Cartridges: carbon cartridges are effective in reducing the chlorine content of water. It can improve the taste of water and remove other contaminants that cause odor from your water supply.

These carbon cartridges are available in different materials and shapes and should be changed periodically. 

3.  Sediment Filters: Another effective way through which Paragon water supply purifies water is through the sediment filters. 

These filters are great in eliminating solid contaminants that are found in water. These sediments may be as a result of the source of the water. With the use of the filters, the blocks are trapped in the filter, and only pure water is allowed through the drains.   

While it is true that this technology can reduce the amount of dirt found in our water, other filtration methods may be required for removing heavier chemicals from water. That is why, it is recommended to combine RO with other filtration to get the best results.

4.  Refrigerator Inline Water Filter: This technology by Paragon is designed to be used directly from the source of water, preferably a tap to ensure that at all times, what you have is clean water. 

5.  High Flow Water Filter Systems: This type of filter is different from others; it is a powerful filter that has a high filtration effect and also combats chemicals, most effectively.


You must have made up your mind on which Reverse Osmosis technology to use in your workplace, the best company to get your desired products from is the Paragon water system. You can contact us today to learn more on how to safeguard your water and health.