What Is A Water Filter Housing?

What Is A Water Filter Housing?

Water filter housings are used as large capacity filtration support items. Housing systems are designed to hold the filters that are used for your water supply and for managing your water filtration systems at home or at the office. Large housings can hold larger filters and will require less ongoing maintenance because they can hold more heavy sediment and items that would be removed from the water supply. Here are some of the main types of Water filtration housings that are available for your water filtration system today.

Heavy Duty Housings

Heavy duty housings are important to hold home water filtration systems. These are water filtration methods that offer a large capacity for filtration and they are geared towards a heavy sediment removal application. These larger housings can fit a larger filtration area and they often lead to a larger cartridge capacity. This reduces the amount of vessels that are needed in high flow applications and you’ll be able to include a much larger filtration system that won’t need to be changed out as often. These types of heavy-duty housings can be easier to install but it’s usually best to have a professional complete the installation as well as any replacement or repair tasks for your housing. 

Point Of Use Housings

A point of use water filter housing is a large capacity filtration system that is also geared towards a heavy sediment removal application. These are large housings that also come with the support for any point of use filtration system. These systems are extremely easy to install and they are more so designed for smaller filtration items such as a point of access filter. If you have a series of filters across your home for your sinks, bathroom and more, this is a housing system that can be installed in the perfect configuration for your filtration system. Point of use housings are usually traditionally smaller than a full water filtration system housing but they are widely beneficial for improving your point of use filtration. 

Point Of Entry Housing

A point of entry water filter housing offers large capacity filtration and support for a large filtration system at the point of entry in water flow. These vessels are designed to withstand extreme variations in water pressure and they offer some of the highest degrees of cartridge capacity. The number of vessels that are required for high flow applications can be lowered with these types of housings. By installing them at the point of entry for your water supply, you will have a solid housing for your whole home water system. It’s usually best to contact a professional to install one of these systems and to make sure that the system can withstand your needs for water pressure and more. 

If you are interested in learning more about each one of these top housing types, contact us today. We can ensure that you are able to enjoy a better quality of housing and support for your whole home water filtration needs.