8 Reasons To Install A Water Filter System

8 Reasons To Install A Water Filter System

8 Reasons To Install A Water Filter System

Water quality is vital for your health. Chlorine-treated water can still be a problem for many people. It can contain dangerous bacteria, chemicals, and other contaminants. For every person to function well, water is vital. Water makes up more than 70% of our bodies. It is ironic that only a small amount of water is safe to consume considering the water covers almost two-thirds of the earth’s surface. Even though water purifiers have been used to treat the water, tap water might not be as pure. Water can pick up contaminants easily once it leaves the water treatment plant. Even if the water is stored in private wells. A water filter system can be a great way of ensuring that you have pure, clean water at your home.

Filtering water can remove heavy metals, bacteria, and chemicals. You should consider the inconvenience of having your water tested regularly. The best and most cost-effective method to filter water is to use a reverse osmosis water filtration system.

There are many home water filtration systems available on the market. These are the top:

  • Activated carbon filters This is the most common and least expensive water filter. This filter is usually installed under the sink. You can replace the filter cartridges as often as you need. Activated carbon filters can be used to remove heavy metals and chemicals from water.
  • This reverse osmosis filter system has the best results.The reverse osmosis system is also built with a active carbon filter. Reverse osmosis is a method that uses air pressure to force water through semipermeable membranes. The system effectively filters out nearly all contaminants. It produces between 50 to 90 gallons per day.

You will reap the many benefits of any water filter system.

  1. Safe drinking water is available at all times. Safe drinking water can be obtained by filtering the water. This is in contrast with tap water, or bottled water from your local treatment plant. Unfiltered water, even filtered, can still contain contaminants such as lead. Water treatment plants add chlorine or fluoride to water as an additional treatment method. A home water filter system can remove these chemicals and other impurities. Filtered drinking water is safe for those who enjoy day trips, sports, or picnics.
  2. Protect the environment. In the United States, 50 Billion plastic water bottles were sold last year. Only 38% of these plastic bottles were recycled, and the rest ended in landfills. Installing a home water filter system will not cause more waste to be dumped in landfills. Plastic bottles will eventually break down in about 450 years.
  3. Reduce skin irritation. Fluoride and heavy metals can aggravate skin conditions. This can cause eczema or psoriasis in children, especially.
  4. Cost Savings: Installing a water filter in your home can save you money on bottled water. If you have four people living in your home, and each of them drinks three 16.9-ounce bottles daily, you can save $700 annually. This assumes you buy an average-priced 24-pack of water bottles at $5.00. To see the cost of a reverse osmosis system, visit our website. A new RO filter replacement will cost you around $50-80 each year.
  5. Reduce plumbing repair bills. Filtered water can reduce the cost of repairs and help to lower repair costs. Unfiltered water can contain heavy metals, chemicals, and minerals that could cause damage to your plumbing system. The pipes can be damaged and other appliances that use water in your home may also be affected. This applies to your water dispenser, refrigerator ice maker, and garbage disposal, as well as the dishwasher and washing machine.
  6. Water contamination can happen if there is a break in the sewer line near your house. Installing a water filter system in every room of your house will protect you.
  7. You can improve the taste of your water. Water filters remove elements that could cause water to taste or smelt unpleasant like chlorine, lead, and bacteria. A home water filter system will improve the taste and olfactory quality of your drinking water. It lowers pH levels in the water that you drink.
  8. You can reduce your chances of getting gastrointestinal diseases. Water can be contaminated with microorganisms and parasites. Filtration can get rid of parasites that could cause intestinal and digestive problems.

Now that you know the many benefits of water filters, it is important to stop drinking unfiltered water. You will not only ensure that you have clean water, but you can also address your concerns about drinking chemical-laden or contaminated tap water. But which water filter system should you choose?

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