How Does A 4 Stage Reverse Osmosis System Work?

How Does A 4 Stage Reverse Osmosis System Work?

How Does A 4 Stage Reverse Osmosis System Work?

A 4 stage reverse osmosis system is something you may not be familiar with. This water purification system removes substances like iron, manganese, and lead from your water. These minerals can be eliminated from your water for a variety of benefits. They are purer and provide a constant supply of high-quality drinking water. This article will help you understand how a 4 stage reverse osmosis system works.

The components of a 4-Stage Osmosis Water Filtration Systems


The exterior structure that holds all components of a 4 stage reverse osmosis system together is called the housing.

Feed Valve

The feed valve connects to the water main and is responsible for injecting water into a reverse osmosis system.


These filters can be used to remove large contaminants like dirt and dust.

Reverse Osmosis Membrane

This is the main component of a reverse osmosis system. This component flushes out any dissolved minerals from the water and removes them from the system.


The purpose of post-filters is to remove anything that the reverse osmosis membrane and pre-filters missed.

Storage Tank

This is the tank that holds water that has been purified and is ready to drink.

Automatic Shutoff Valve

When the storage tank is full, this valve activates automatically. This valve prevents the water main from leaking any additional water into the reverse-osmosis system. It conserves water and saves energy.

Drain Valve

This valve is used for dumping any water that is still contaminated by minerals.


Most reverse osmosis filtration systems use their own faucets. This faucet can be used whenever you need clean, purified water.

Filtering Steps

Sediment Pre-Filter

A sediment pre-filter is the first stage in a 4 stage reverse osmosis system. This pre-filter removes the most basic water contaminants such as dirt and dust.

For those who drink water from a spring or well, this pre-filter is particularly important. These sources almost always have small amounts of dirt or sand in their water.

Carbon Prefilter

A carbon pre-filter is the next stage in a 4 stage reverse osmosis system. This stage removes several components of the water including chlorine and tastes and odors.

Reverse Osmosis Membrane

A membrane is the key component of a 4 stage reverse osmosis system. The membrane can remove 95% of all dissolved substances from water and soften it to make it as smooth as possible. It will almost be completely free from contaminants once the water has passed through it.

Post Carbon Filter

A post-carbon filter is used in the final stage of the process. This is the final line of defense against contaminants that may still be present in your water after the initial 3 stages. It removes any taste or odors that might be left from chlorine, lead, iron, and other contaminants. Your water will be ready to drink once this step is completed.

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