How Water Filters Can Benefit The Environment

How Water Filters Can Benefit The Environment

How Water Filters Can Benefit The Environment

Protecting the natural environment is a key part of living a happy and healthier lifestyle. Many of us are committed to sustainable living. This means using energy-efficient lightbulbs and appliances, recycling plastic, and filtering our water. You heard it correctly: installing water filters in your house is a simple and effective way to preserve our planet.

In the last few decades, bottled drinking water has been a popular way for Americans to access clean water. It is convenient, easy to use, and increases water consumption. There is however a huge tradeoff: plastic bottles that are thrown away can cause havoc in the environment.

The average amount of plastic bottles produced by bottled water is 300 million tons annually. Most of these don’t make the cut to recycling or go to landfills. They end up as litter in the natural environment and can stay there for up until they decompose. Studies show that plastic does not biodegrade. It breaks down instead into smaller pieces called “microplastics”, which can pollute water and have a negative impact on human health.

How can water filters like a reverse osmosis system prevent plastic pollution from threatening the planet? We are glad you asked. Keep reading to learn more about the many benefits of water filters for protecting the environment.

How Can Water Filters Help The Environment?

It’s clear that plastic water bottles are a threat to the environment. We could reuse them or recycle them, but keeping them out of the environment is the best option. It prevents the creation of plastic waste.

Water filters are a great way to reduce single-use items like plastic bottles and fossil fuel consumption. They also help lessen the wear on appliances. These benefits are discussed in greater detail.

1. Water Filters Help Reduce Single-use Plastic Water Bottles

Plastic water bottles make it easy to get clean water anywhere you go, at home or on the move. Plastic water bottles can cause damage to the environment and aquatic life, as well as our health if they are thrown away. Plastic does not decay, as we said earlier. Sometimes, it can break down into microplastic particles which can be hard to track and easily infiltrate our food and water.

A water filter is a great tool for reducing plastic waste. It is affordable and easy to use. Water filters can be used to reduce single-use plastic water bottles by providing access to clean, fresh drinking water. You can combine a water filter system such as an under-sink water filter or countertop water filtration system with a reusable water container to have clean, delicious water wherever you are. To reduce plastic waste, it is a good idea to make your reusable water bottles from metal or glass.

2. Water Filters Protect Appliances

Water filters not only reduce single-use plastic water bottles but also provide long-term benefits such as extending the life of your appliances. Some water filters come with sediment filters. These filters remove dirt, dust, and other particulate matter from water-using appliances like water heaters and refrigerators.

Unfiltered water can cause damage to appliances as well as increase their energy consumption. A water filter can reduce sediment buildup and other contaminants, which will prolong the life of your appliances, as well as help them to be more energy-efficient.

If you have an electric heater, for example, the heater can collect sediments. The deposits build up over time and can cover the heating element. This reduces the efficiency of the hot water tank. Because the heating element on the lower side of the heater is not working properly, the water heater will use more electricity to heat water. A water filter can reduce sediment buildup and help you save money on your electricity bill.

Protecting appliances with a water filter can help you save time and money, and also reduce pollution due to excess energy generation.

3. Water Filters Reduce Fossil Fuel Consumption

Plastic water bottles are made of fossil fuels and natural gases. This process requires 17,000,000 barrels annually, not including transportation. Additionally, 2.5 million tons of carbon dioxide are released each year by bottling.

This means that by using an eco-friendly water filter we can reduce our dependence on fossil fuels and produce less plastic. We can reduce our carbon footprint and greenhouse gas emissions by reducing plastic production.

How To Choose A Water Filter For Your Home

You need the right type of water filter system to start or continue your efforts to save the planet. Not all water filters are the same. Which filter system should you select? Let’s take a look at the various water filtration systems and help you choose which one is right for you.

Water Filters That Are Under-sink

An under-sink water filter is another great option to get clean drinking water at home. An under-sink water filter works well if you are only looking to filter water from one faucet, such as your kitchen faucet. Because they are portable and easier to install, under-sink filters can be a great option. Our reverse-osmosis under sink filters can be installed under small, compact sinks. These filters are ideal for filtering heavy metals such as lead, fluoride, and arsenic. They also work well with chlorine, chloramines, and any other toxic contaminants in water. Paragon Water Solutions models can be connected directly to your water line and are easy to install.

Countertop Water Filters

With minimal installation, countertop water filters make it easy to have great-tasting water. Although they do not provide water for your entire house, like a whole-house filter, they can supply water to one faucet and the same quality water – without the need for a permanent fixture. This makes installation much easier and faster. A popular countertop filter is the water pitcher. These countertop filters use gravity to filter water, while others use electricity to deliver clean water immediately.

The Best Water Filter For Your Home

The best water filter model and type for your home will depend on several factors such as the water source, filtration requirements, specific contaminants in your water supply, budget, etc. Our article The best water filter manufacturers in the USA will provide all the information you need to make an informed choice. Contact us with any questions or to help you choose the right system.

Paragon Water Solutions has the best water filter systems available, including under-sink water filters, a reverse osmosis filter system as well as carbon block water filters. Our water filter systems have high efficiency, reliability, and are affordable. You also get a lifetime warranty, a 6-month money-back guarantee, and free shipping.

Last Thoughts

All of us have a responsibility for protecting our planet, both for our own livelihoods and that of future generations. It is important to use eco-friendly practices, reduce waste, and preserve water. To improve our health and well-being as well as the environment, it is a good idea to invest in a home water filter.

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