Paragon’s Ro Carbon Block Filter

Paragon’s Ro Carbon Block Filter

Paragon’s Ro Carbon Block Filter

For water filtration, you need a filter that works fast and safely. Paragon’s Ro carbon block filter is one of the best on the market for carbon filtering. To learn more about this amazing filter, keep on reading. 

What Is A Ro Carbon Block Filter?

Paragon offers both custom and standard Ro carbon block filters, so all your needs will be fulfilled. To buy one, you need to know more about how this filter works. 

Carbon is a medium that is used a lot for water filtration systems due to a lot of its great properties. If you have a filter at home, the chances are that it uses carbon filtration, backpacking water filter, refrigerator filter, pitcher filter, shower filter, and many other filters use this system. The most common form of source of this carbon is coconut shells, so how does it work?

The activated carbon removes contaminants from water through absorption, which means the contaminants are attracted to the carbon like a magnet. This filter doesn’t have a high level of contaminants and dust files, which can leach into the water. To remove chemical contaminations, carbon filters react with them to change their compositions. Some of them are chlorine, pesticides, chloroform, gasoline, solvents, and also industrial cleaners. A coconut-based Ro Carbon Block Filter is also great for environmentally conscious people as it doesn’t harm the environment since carbon is renewable. 

Types Of Paragon’s  Carbon Block Water Filters

If you purchase filters from Paragon, you have the ability to customize a filter as well. However, they have some great standard filters as well, some of which are listed below.

●The classic CTO filter has a coconut shell as the carbon source and is useful for removing the chlorine smell and taste that water can have. This filter is cheap and has a high absorption capacity to last for a long time if properly maintained.

●The CTO plus filter: This one again has a coconut shell as the source. This filter can be used for your reverse osmosis filters, in fact, it works exceptionally well with its organic solvent filtering rating of 1 micron. The components and materials used for the construction of this filter are all FDA approved.

●The CY1 cyst filter: This is one high-quality filter as it removes all traces of chlorine from water and also other small cysts like Giardia and Cryptosporidium. The filter is also rated at 0.5microns for exceptional results in the water that you drink. It prevents any clogs and is made up of a polypropylene outer layer to withstand and last longer.

●The CYL1 Ro Carbon Block Filter: If you want clean and beautiful water that is free of chlorine, lead, cyst, and turbidity, then this is the filter for you. The water that this filter provides is better for your health and also tastes better.

●The VOC filter uses carbon cartridges to derive from activated coconut shells to offer the best volatile organic compound. This is made up of materials that prevent premature clogging of the filter so it can last as long as possible.

In conclusion, there are still many carbon filters available at Paragon, so search our website till you find the one you desire. Nevertheless, for cleaner and safer water, a Ro carbon block Filter is the best choice!

Why Choose Us?

We have the best products for changing your carbon block Filter. Paragon Water Systems offers a variety of products to improve your water filtration.

The only thing that is important is to pick the right option for your home. CTO filters use activated coconut shell carbon to reduce chlorine taste in water. CTO Plus, another exceptional product, has the unique feature of being able to function as both a sediment filter and an activated carbon block filter. It also offers superior performance at a very affordable price. The VOC filter delivers the highest quality volatile organic compound (VOC), chlorine taste, and odor reduction. There are many similar products that can be used to make the VOC filter reliable and user-friendly.

Paragon Water Systems is a leading carbon block filter manufacturer that offers the best products for replacement. Contact us today for a carbon block water filter.