Sediment Filters Vs Carbon Filters

Sediment Filters Vs Carbon Filters

Sediment Filters Vs Carbon Filters

Both carbon and sediment filters have their place in a system that purifies water. Carbon and sediment filters can be used together or separately to get rid of harmful particles and bad taste in your water. These filters serve different purposes. It is crucial to know the differences between Sediment Filters and carbon water filters when shopping for a new water filtration system.

What Are Sediment Filters?

A sediment filter is designed to remove suspended solids. These are also known as particulate, turbidity, and sediment. A sediment filter acts as a net to catch unwanted dirt particles as the water flows through it.

An attached sediment filter is located at the point water enters your home. The filter is made up of natural media such as anthracite and sand. Unwanted dirt particles are trapped as the water passes through the bed. Water flows through the filter, leaving behind sediment. The filter then filters out the sediment so that your home has water that is completely free of particulate.

Although sediment filters are common in many homes they serve a limited purpose by themselves. The sediment that is trapped in the natural media bed will be removed. Your water may still contain trace pathogen elements, heavy metallics, and volatile organic compounds. In most cases, however, sediment filters are effective enough to reduce unwanted particles to safe levels for drinking water. A sediment filter can be used to provide clean, drinkable water.

What  Are Carbon Filters?

Carbon filters not only remove sediment, but also remove volatile organic compounds (VOCs), odors, and unpleasant tastes. Carbon filters are made with activated carbon. These activated carbon filters are created through a special manufacturing process that creates additional binding sites. Carbon filters chemically bond impurities such as VOCs and heavy metallics to the carbon. The filter will trap unwanted impurities as the water passes through it. This will make the water much purer than when it arrived.

Carbon filters can be used to remove impurities that are bound to carbon. However, not all impurities work in this way. For example, Sodium can pass through carbon filters and not be removed. MetroWaterFilter carbon filters can remove 100 of the 129 pathogens the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), states are standard in tap water.

Sediment Filters Vs. Carbon Filters

You will need to be informed about the differences between sediment and carbon filters so that you can make the right choice for the water you want. You don’t have to choose between carbon filtration and sediment filtration. You can install a two-stage system in your home.

The first stage of a two-stage system is a sediment filter. This removes any dirt particles that could otherwise block the carbon filter. After the sediment has been removed, purer water can be moved into the carbon filter. Any remaining undesirable compounds will bond to the carbon and will be removed.

Both carbon and sediment filters can be used separately to remove certain things that may have made their way into your water. Together, carbon and sediment filters can remove enough impurities to make your water taste great. 

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