The Best High Flow Water Filter System For The Service Industry

The Best High Flow Water Filter System For The Service Industry

The Best High Flow Water Filter System For The Service Industry 

If you work in the foodservice industry, having safe and filtered water is a very important part of your business. It could be a small coffee shop or a bustling bar, but protecting the quality of your water for your customers and employees remains important.  By using a high-flow water filter system you can rest assure your customers are receiving high-quality purified water.

Why Do You Need These Filters?

If you could see the contaminants that a high-flow water filter system removes from your water supply, you would quickly understand the value of one of these high-quality filters. 

This water filter is specifically designed for restaurants and cafes because you need water for everything you do in the food industry. These filters work with anything from coffee machines, fountain beverage systems, ice makers, and vending machines. They last for a long time as they can filter up to 20,000 gallons of water, depending on their size, in their lifetime, and if maintained well, they can even last longer. 

These filters have a permanent filter attached but a replaceable cartridge body so that you can replace it to make the filter work longer. In addition to that, you can attach different parts to this filter to make it work even more efficiently. Needless to say, if you want your business to have safe water to drink and use, having a service industry high-flow water filter is a must-buy. Here are some cartridges that you can buy for the water filter:

●5-micron carbon block: This is used to prevent the chlorine taste and smell so that your water tastes great and fresh and also be much safer.

●1-micron carbon block: This cartridge is used to reduce other impurities that people sometimes overlook, like CTO, lead, and cyst. Drinking water with a high amount of these contaminants can be deadly for one’s health.

●Specialty cartridge: This one is used to greatly increase water quality and make it absolutely safe for all drinkers.

●Resin cartridge: This type of cartridge comes with many properties. If you want your water to be run through, granulated activated carbon, scale reduction media, chloramine reduction media, and softening media to be absolutely safe, then this cartridge is used. 

What Are The Uses of a High-flow Water Filter?

This water filter has a lot of advantages and uses that should be known by the buyers. If you want a reliable, safe, and affordable water filter for your business, keep on reading!

● Chlorine taste, smell, and sediment reduction

● Filters water at a much higher rate than other filters

● Creates less waste compared to traditional filters

● It takes up very little space 

● It holds a lot of dirt as it has a high holding capacity 

● Removes every contaminant 

● It doesn’t need to be replaced or cleaned that often

● It is very strong, so fewer chances of being damaged 

● Fast, easy, and safe replacement of filters 


  • Lodging – Upscale coffee selections are “brewing” at more hotels – USA Today
  • Hospitality – “Upping the ante at breakfast” with modern touches and tweaks – Hotel F&B
  • Restaurants – Consumers are cutting back on appetizers, desserts, and high-priced beverages – Standard & Poor’s
  • Office – “Bottleless” water coolers
  • Grocery – Upgrading delis and fresh take-out sections – The Food Channel


  • Design & development expertise
  • Customized/Patented connections by customer
  • Trusted Partner with proven track record


  • Reduced cartridge and system pricing
  • Lower maintenance cost
  • Ease of installation


  • Direct dealing with key decision makers
  • Lean operation


  • High performance products
  • Reduced customer risks
  • All agency compliance listings
  • Liability coverage and/or solid insurance umbrella

In conclusion, this water filter is something that a business owner needs to run a safe and successful food-industry business. Therefore, buying it from a trusted company like Paragon Water is absolutely important. Without any further delay, contact us to get the best quality water filter!