Which Residential Water Filter is Best for You?

Which Residential Water Filter is Best for You?

Which Residential Water Filter is Best for You?

There is nothing wrong with drinking tap water. However, many of us have had our first taste of reverse osmosis or distilled water. After years of drinking tap water with a bitter taste and contaminants, distilled water tasted almost like the first drink from a desert oasis. Filtered water tastes much better than tap water and is infinitely safer. The city must meet certain filtration standards for tap water, but the city can only guarantee that it is meeting those standards while they check it in their plants. Once the water leaves the plant, it is open to unwanted minerals and harmful contaminants to make their way into your home. You don’t know how many unwanted minerals and contaminants it may have picked up by the time it reaches your tap. Florida residents have turned to residential water filters in an effort to fix this problem. They can purify their water, and remove any minerals and contaminants that could make it difficult.

Whole-House Filter

These residential water filters remove contaminants from your water supply. These filters produce softening water that is more pleasant for showering, as well as for washing dishes and laundry. The best thing about softening water is the fact that it makes everything more efficient and runs smoothly. Smooth water means that laundry machines can produce cleaner, smoother clothes. It works more efficiently and uses less energy. Hard water can cause iron buildup in the areas it flows. This buildup over time will degrade and harm your machine. You can save your appliances from stress and help to protect your investment. Soft water is good for your health! Hard water can cause irritation to our skin and hair. This can lead to hair loss and skin damage. Installing a whole-house water filter and softening the water will protect you and your family.

Reverse Osmosis Filter Systems

You can filter up to 99% of contaminants and impurities from your water supply by forcing them through a very thin, fine membrane. This method of purifying water isn’t practical for whole houses because it can waste water. They work well in areas where there is no access, like under the kitchen sink. You will have the purest water possible by installing a reverse-osmosis system in your kitchen. Reverse osmosis water tastes great and is easy to use when cooking or drinking. This system purifies the water from your tap, then stores it in a tank for future usage. The water is then drawn from an installed spigot located to the left or right of the main faucet.


Paragon Water System’s factories and products are certified by organizations like the NSF, WQA, IAPMO, Chinese MoH, ISO, and others. Moreover, we make sure that our products are best suited to your requirement and of fine quality.

Here are some other reasons why we are the absolute best in the business:

  • Complete Design Solutions
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  • Full Life-Cycle Technical Support

Paragon Water System guarantees you a Reverse Osmosis system of the finest quality. You would not find a better system than what we offer, that too with full life-cycle support. 

 Paragon Water can provide you with the right wholesale reverse osmosis systems, whether you need a whole-home water filtration system to enjoy soft water benefits or a smaller reverse osmosis system. Call us today to learn more about residential water filters and which one is best for you.